I love eggs. Like I could probably, quite happily, survive on a diet that consists of just eggs. Of course when it comes to brunch, one of my favorite ways to eat eggs is in a Quiche! They’re so easy to make and are my go to when I want something more than just scrambled but am too lazy to whip up a hollandaise for a Benedict. And because they’re so versatile, I rarely make the same one twice. Well, that, and my penchant for not actually following recipes and making shit up as I go LOL

I’m going Spinach, ham, and (obviously) cheese this time.

  • 6 Eggs
  • 1/2 cup Whole Milk
  • 1 Shallott
  • Diced Ham (to your taste)
  • 1 Pre-made Pie Crust
    • I know my strengths folks, and pie crust ain’t one of them! I have a freezer full of these suckers, ready to use at a moments notice and I ain’t even sorry about it!
  • 1 bag Spinach
  • Cheese, grated (to your taste)
    • Use whatever kind you like, this one is Monterey Jack, and use as much as you like, it’s really how gooey you like yours to be, this is about a cup or so.

Start by sauteing your shallots, then add in the diced ham, and spinach. Once all cooked, add to the pie crust you’ve put into the baking dish after piercing the bottom of the pie crust multiple times. I don’t par-bake my crusts, but you can if that’s your thing, just do it before this stage 😉

Next, or even while everything is cooking, mix together the eggs, milk, salt & pepper, then cheese making sure this is thoroughly blended. I mix each time I add an item, so eggs – mix, milk – mix, cheese – mix, yada yada.

Once thoroughly mixed, add to the pie crust, gently folding/mixing everything to ensure that the egg mixture doesn’t just sit on top of everything. Bake for 35 minutes, in a 375 degree oven. Let rest 5-10 minutes so you don’t burn your mouth off on the first bite.

I have to admit, this one turned out perfectly. I almost wish I could make myself do it again, but I just know that I would tweak something and it just wouldn’t be the same, though I know it would be delicious!

I’m off for seconds (and a spiked coffee!) my lovelies, enjoy your Sunday! Ciao caio!