Home Brew

Kombucha that is. I have to clarify because I do also make my own yogurt and I have a hell of a Sourdough starter, not to mention the preserved lemons in the fridge. What can I say? I like fermented things!! I should probably expand my horizons and add Kimchi to the mix next! I have to say though, that it’s most likely true that I decide to try or make something just so I can play with a new toy. I mean it would explain the absolute plethora of kitchen crap that I own. I mean I own a Couscousierre for frigs sake! 😝

This time the new toy is a Chinois! It took forever for me to pick one, and so far I’m thrilled with the one I got. I decided to break it in by making some Blackberry syrup for cocktails, and of course the Kombucha.

  • 1 cup fresh blackberries
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1 cup water
These blackberries were so big and gorgeous, almost a shame to end up all mashed up. Almost. 😉
My gorgeous new toy! Mash mash mash!

Once the mixture has been mashed and smashed to satisfaction, I evenly divide it among the bottles, and then fill with the Kombucha. Cap everything and leave out on the counter to build up carbonation. You’ll need to burp the bottles once a day until you reach the level of carbonation desired. Usually about a week, then transfer to the fridge.

To prepare for the next batch, set a large pot to boil (large enough to fill your jar), add in 6 tea bags and one cup of sugar. Bring to a boil, then let cool completely. Once cooled, add to your Kombucha jar and replace your scoby. Cap and let the next batch brew, 7 to 14 days on average -though this is based on your taste, some could go longer!

I think I really lucked out with my scoby because I started with one that I bought and they’ve just bloomed every time I do a new batch. I do like to seperate it out and use the freshest one in each new batch, but now I have a giant tupperware full of older scoby that I don’t know what to do with! I’m about ready to do my next batch, but I have no idea what flavor to make this time. What would you suggest?

Enjoy your probiotics lovelies, until next time!