Fancy pants stuffing. For breakfast.

I mean, that’s really what a savory strata is right? An extra eggy stuffing? Go with me on this, its going to be delicious 😋

All the yummies for today’s recipe.

Being the Bougie Broad that I am, of course I’m using croissants instead of some other kind of bread, but you do you and pick what you like! Challah is perfect for this too. The nice thing about a strata, like a quiche, is that the possibilities are really endless. As long as you have the base of bread, eggs, and cheese, you can take this anywhere you want to go! I’m going with Spinach, Onion, a leftover half of a bell pepper, and diced ham.

Cook your veggies.
Mix your eggs (10 of them), heavy whipping cream (1/2 cup), cheese (shredded Swiss for this one), salt and pepper (to taste)
Mix your cooled veggies and bread
Getting goopy in here…

Add in the egg mixture, thoroughly combine. Because I’m using the rich but delicate croissant in this version, it doesn’t soak long, but if using a heartier bread, make sure you give it time to be thoroughly absorbed by the bread – even overnight! When ready to cook, cover with foil and bake at 350 for about 30 minutes. With 5 min left, uncover and add more 🧀. There’s no such thing as too much cheese! Broil for the remaining 5 minutes to brown and crisp everything up.

Mmmm cheeeeese!
OMG the smell is TDF!
A delightful Sunday Brunch!

Once cooled, cut a nice slice out and enjoy with a nice cup of (adult) coffee. 1 oz Amaretto today, plays nicely off the rich buttery croissants and gooey cheese, almost like a desert.