Sunday Brunch 🥂

If I could have only one meal for the rest of my life, it would totally be Brunch. I used to live for the weekends, just so I could have Brunch! Of course nowadays, with working from home, I pretty much do Brunch 7 days a week (without you know, the tasty beverages during the work week) 😉. And I never get tired of it. I think that’s mostly due to the versatility of some of my favorite Brunch staples. Like this Shakshuoka I made today, there’s quite a few ways to make this dish, and I switch it up every time.

Today’s variation

The absolute basics are tomatoes, onions, and eggs. From there, the sky is the limit! I included bell pepper, my homemade Harissa, spinach, and cilantro. Just ignore that 🍋, it didn’t make it into this batch 😉

Start by sauteing the onions, peppers, tomatoes together, to make sure everything is all soft and broken down. After letting that all meld together for about 30 min, I decided I wanted a more smooth texture to the base, so I decided to puree it all up before moving on to the next part. Using my Cuisinart, and ensuring plenty of ventilation with the hot mixture, I pulsed until I got the desired consistency.

Back to the stove, add in the now pureed base, top with as much spinach as will fit in the pan. Once that wilts down, add in the eggs. Cook to your desired consistency for the eggs. I’m no fan of runny eggs, but I do feel like it adds to this dish to not cook through the egg.

Top with fresh Cilantro and feta cheese (or goat even, something with tang to it). Serve with bread of your choice to sop up all the yummy sauce.


Of course since it *is* Sunday and not a work day, no Brunch is complete without a tasty beverage. 😉 As I like my Sundays to be laid back, my beverages are pretty easy, to both make, and drink.

1 oz Grapefruit Liqueur, top with a dry Rosé #chinchin