Sometimes I cook too!

So I have a really bad habit, when I’m at the grocery store, of just buying whatever produce catches my eye. Regardless of what I came for, whatever menu I already had in mind, doesn’t matter. I’m very “Oooh…shiny!” about it all (🤯 right? LOL). Unfortunately this means that I often forget about things until it’s too late, and I have serious guilt about food waste. Fortunately, this blog needs content, and we’ll, I *am* hungry.

Picking through my random produce purchases I stumbled upon this gorgeous golden cauliflower hiding in the back of the fridge. My usual go to when I want to avoid wasting it, is to turn it into cauliflower rice and freeze it for later. Today though *is* #meatlessmonday and I don’t want to be boring, so off to Pinterest I went.

Y’all. There are a shit ton of cauliflower recipes out there (thanks keto dieters!), and after going down that 🐇 hole for like half an hour I finally picked one. This one actually (credit where credit is due!). So I gathered up my ingredients and got down to it.

That Thyme is from my Aerogarden! 😁

Assemble everything in your bake ware of choice (#lecreuset in original Flame color!). Now, whoever came up with that whole “grate your butter” thing, is a genius! Look at that glorious mound of creamy goodness!

Mmmm butter…🤤
Ready for the oven!

I live in the desert, it’s summer, and 106 outside, so of course I pick roasting something for 90 minutes at 430 degrees 🙄. But that countertop convection oven you guys… seriously #gamechanger. And my Creuset fits perfectly!

Yes that Celsius!

OMG, the smell! It’s torture during the cooking time! But finally, it will be done.

Steamy, bubbly deliciousness

I decided to add on to the recipe because I didn’t want to waste the amazing braising liquid. Remove the cauliflower to let it cool, then take the pot to the stove and start a boil. Remove the solids, add in a 1/2 cup of heavy cream, stir and reduce by half. Now you have sauce! Portion out a serving, about 1/4 of the roasted cauliflower, cover in sauce and a few sprinkles of Parmesan. Serve with the wine used in the braise and sauce.

Bon Appétit!