Upgrade day!

So today started off marvelously when I actually managed to sleep in until almost 7 😲 Something I never do, so yay me! Then I check my phone and get a very pleasant surprise that my Amazon delivery is coming a full day sooner than expected – score!

My office began the day like this:

A little cramped, no?

Then my package arrived and after hour of assembly, I took my time flirting with a new beau, then had an awesome phone call with a long time friend, and when it was all done it looked like this:

So much spaaaaace!

So boss! I feel much more professional for both my day gig, and this newfound hobby! I think I want to add some shelves for all my knickknacks and to hang some artwork – most likely my framed Diamond Paintings, but I, of course, have my priorities straight and hung my Michael Stokes calendar first 🤤.

Since I was on a roll, I made the commitment to my awesome new site Logo! What do you think? I love it!! 🥰


As all of this deserves a celebration (any excuse really LOL), I whipped up what I’m calling a Julep Spritz 😁

2 oz Bourbon (I’m partial to the Makers 46), 1/2 oz each of Mint Simple Syrup and Elderflower liqueur (St Germaine bien sûr!), mix in a glass with some ice and fresh mint (sadly not from my Aerogarden, the basil has been a light hog – but soon!) and top with Bubbly (the Costco Prosecco is perfect for this and at $8 a bottle, I always have a couple on hand).

All the goodies!

Now I’m chilling out, listening to The Cult, and being thankful for a great day! Chin Chin and cheers to happy days!

Tiiiiny bubbles